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Range Rover Velar Lease Deal - Yorkshire Fleet

Automotive News – 03rd April – 09th April 2017

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One Jaguar or Land Rover Sold Every 30 Seconds in the UK.

March usually heralds great sales figures for most manufacturers, but March 2017 registrations have broken previous records. Taking into consideration the changes to the RFL or Road Fund Licence, its been a perfect storm for both manufacturers and consumers alike. The UK’s largest manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover, announced that one of their products was sold every 30 seconds during March.

UK Managing Director, Jeremy Hicks explains:

“After a record breaking 2016 and start to 2017 we are continuing our momentum with these March figures. In the midst of the current uncertain economic climate it shows that the Jaguar and Land Rover brands are stronger than ever here in the UK.”

“New products are driving this success, with both brands now offering a range of vehicles that suit the lifestyles and appeal to more buyers than ever before. We are no longer an attractive alternative but a serious rival to our established competitors. With new models on their way throughout 2017 this momentum looks set to continue.”


(Automotive News) Jaguar Land Rover March Sales Figures Comparison - Yorkshire Fleet


The above info-graphic compares the 3 best selling models across each brand. With The Land Rover Discovery Sport coming out on top by a rather large margin.

And with the announcement of a completely new model, the Range Rover Velar earlier this year, and the all electric Jaguar I-Pace we expect the momentum to continue.


Tesla Now Bigger Than Ford

Tesla is the manufacturer that we here at Yorkshire Fleet are hearing increasingly more.

This week Tesla market value surpassed their American rival Ford. At the close of trading on Monday, Tesla had an overall market value of a mind-bending $49bn (£38bn), compared with Ford’s value of $46bn.

The Eternal Innovator – Audi A8 – New Innovations in Lightweight Design

The Audi A8 has a rich history of setting new standards for the German automotive giant. This time, the clever engineers have turned their laser precision guided sights to “lightweight design.” To most, we’d take this simply as removing more materials and/or lots of silly carbon fiber on seemingly pointless instruments (we’re looking at you Mazda 6).

However, Audi goes as far as proclaiming that they are “writing a new chapter in its lightweight design success story”. With the next generation of the Audi A8, using a clever combination of four materials which are being used for the first time for the Audi Space Frame (ASF). Which is in-fact, more materials than in any of the previous model ranges. So in this case more means less.  The Audi engineers also cleverly note “the right material in the right place and in the right amount.”


The Audi Space Frame on the New A8 - Yorkshire Fleet

Click here to read more about the upcoming Audi A8.


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