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Get top-tier, brand new vans for your business via Yorkshire Fleet’s commercial vehicle leasing programs.

A Van Fleet In Manchester

Yorkshire Fleet specialises in leasing fleets of commercial vehicles to Manchester businesses. Our process is straightforward, stress-free, and free from hidden fees, with our friendly team providing top-notch service.

Electric Van
Leasing Manchester

Lease a brand new electric van and support environmental sustainability. Our range of electric models, available in Manchester, ensures a more economical operation for your business.

Manchester Van Leasing With Yorkshire Fleet – How It Works?

Some businesses will try to finance the purchase of a van or fleet of vans outright, believing that it’s the cheaper or easier option. This simply isn’t the case. Yorkshire Fleet’s options for commercial van leasing in Manchester are designed not only to be as straightforward as possible but as an advantage in the way they work to a business’s finances over a business buying the vans themselves. See how it works for yourself:

Get In Touch With Us

You can start commercial van leasing with us by simply getting in touch with us through our website or by calling us. Our dedicated team, with their commercial vehicle leasing expertise will work with you to identify exactly what is best going to serve you in the long term.

Choose Your Van(s)

No two businesses are the same; some only require the one van, others could use a whole fleet. We would ensure that whichever side of the scale your business fell on, we would source and provide the makes and models of the van that you require.

Agree Terms

We will then prepare your commercial vehicle lease agreement with the type of van you selected, making sure to clearly explain every aspect in words that you will understand, so that the whole process retains transparency and offers you peace of mind.

Delivery & Support

Dot all the i’s and cross the t’s, then your chosen van will be delivered straight to the business location or your home address in Manchester. However, it doesn’t stop there; our dedicated team is on standby for any help you might need when it comes to issues, maintenance, or advice, making it an even smoother experience.

What Makes Us Manchester’s Premier Van Leasing Partner?

There are plenty of places to lease vans or fleets of vans in Manchester, but for businesses looking for a high-quality van leasing partner, we believe that we are one of the best choices in the region! We don’t over complicate our van leasing process, and our friendly team makes sure you guide you through every step – keeping communication clear and transparent.

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Flexible Van Leasing Options

As a trusted van leasing partner in Manchester, we have access to a variety of financing options for our van leasing deals. What gives us the edge as a van leasing company in Manchester is that we offer very flexible agreements to get your company the vehicle it needs, without a heavy price tag.

Personalised Account Management

Skip all the automated customer service with Yorkshire Fleet. We assign each client a personal account manager. Your account manager will be your single point of contact, guiding you through every step, addressing your concerns, and tailoring the leasing experience to your unique needs. With Yorkshire Fleet, you get personal and seamless van leasing, no automated customer service and the peace of mind that you’re being well looked after.

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fleet management

Van Fleet Management

Many businesses in Manchester require multiple vans to be managed as part of a commercial fleet. If your business is one of these , then we can make sure your vans are leased from and maintained by us – taking all of the stress away from you and your team. We offer a full range of fleet management services, including maintenance packages, leaving you to run your business and us to take care of your transport needs

We Have Decades Of Experience

With more than 20 years experience in leasing vans to businesses in Manchester, we have built up a huge amount of invaluable experience. We understand the market in Manchester, and our experience has enabled us to provide advice and solutions that maximise efficiency and cost-effective business operations.

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New Mercedes Business Lease

We Can Source The Vans You Need

Our relationships with suppliers and manufacturers are so well-founded that we can source almost any make or model of van that your business may require. From compact city vans to heavy-duty haulers, we can source the right vehicles to match your operational needs. Our strong supplier links mean we will often get the drop on better deals and faster delivery times too!

Inclusive Maintenance

Leasing vans commercially in Manchester, whether standalone or as part of a fleet, should come with peace of mind. If issues arise with your vehicles, our full maintenance plans ensure your van(s) will be back on the road quickly and without a huge additional cost for the pleasure.

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Yorkshire Fleet

Ongoing Support

From the second that a commercial vehicle lease agreement is signed to the second it is done, our ongoing support is here to make sure that each and every van leasing experience in Manchester with Yorkshire Fleet is as smooth and easy as possible.

The 4 Contracts We Offer For Van Leasing In Manchester


Leasing a van for your business in Manchester doesn’t have to be complicated! At Yorkshire Fleet, we keep everything demystified and clear with a streamlined process for our four different commercial vehicle leasing contracts.



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The 4 Main Leasing Options:

van contract hire

Manchester Commercial Vans On Contract Hire

An excellent option for Sole Traders, Partnerships, and Limited Companies seeking a tax-efficient way to handle the expenses of leasing vans commercially. Our contract hire agreements allow businesses to lease a van at a fixed monthly cost over a predetermined period, offering budget stability and peace of mind. When the lease term ends, you simply return the van to us.

Learn more about our commercial van contract hire options

business contract purchase

Manchester Vans On Lease Purchase

If your business aims to eventually own the vans you lease at the end of the agreement, then our Manchester vans lease purchase plans are the ideal option. Lease Purchase plans are structured for financial efficiency, and as the Inland Revenue will classify this as a purchase, it can be offset against gross profits.

Discover more about our commercial van lease purchase plans

van contract hire

Vans In Manchester On Finance Leases

Tailored for businesses that need vans for commercial use (and also available for cars), this financing solution offers the flexibility of making payments over time. It usually includes a balloon payment at the end of the agreement to lower monthly costs. Note that there is no option to return the van directly to us and that you will need to either sell the van on to a third party or extend the lease at the end.

Explore more on our van finance leasing options

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JustDrive™ Manchester for Commercial Vans

Exclusively provided by Yorkshire Fleet, our JustDrive™ solution combines many different aspects of a van leasing deal into one single monthly payment, which is easy to budget for. This all-inclusive solution includes the van lease, fully comprehensive motor insurance, breakdown cover, regular servicing and maintenance, as well as premium branded tyres – so when you lease vans in Manchester via JustDrive™ you’re covered in every way possible.

Learn more about JustDrive™ for vans 

Electric Van Leasing In Manchester

Make a positive impact on both your business’s carbon footprint and its bottom line by opting for our electric van lease deals in Manchester. At Yorkshire Fleet, we are committed to helping local Manchester businesses embrace a more sustainable future and switch their fleets to electric.

In the last 12 months, the number of commercial electric vehicles has increased massively. With the charging infrastructure and range of these vehicles now better than ever before, businesses are now seeing them as the obvious choice, for not only cutting fuel costs but also as a great way of demonstrating their corporate social responsibility.

On top of this, electric vans also offer considerable tax benefits, including specific tax credits and reduced road taxes, which means businesses that take out large fleets of electric vans can make a substantial amount of savings.

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Manchester Van Leasing FAQs

How to lease a van for a business?

To lease a van from Yorkshire Fleet, start by assessing your business needs to determine the appropriate van type and size. Contact our team to discuss your requirements and explore the leasing options we provide. Once you decide on the best option, we’ll assist you in finalising the lease agreement and arrange for the delivery of your new commercial van.

Is van leasing 100% tax-deductible?

Yes, the majority of the time, van leasing is 100% tax-deductible for a business. Traditionally, the business can often write off its monthly lease payments as a business expense on its tax return. These deductions then become subtracted from your business’s taxable income.

Do I own the van after a Finance Lease?

At the end of a finance lease, you won’t automatically own the van. You will either have to extend the lease on your commercial van, or you can sell it to a 3rd party – however owning the van yourself is not an option on a van finance leasing agreement.

Can I lease a van for 6 months?

No, at Yorkshire Fleet, our van lease terms start at a minimum of 24 months (2 years) and can extend up to 60 months (5 years). We do not offer leases with terms as short as 6 months.

Can I give my lease van back early?

Returning a leased van early is generally possible, but it may involve early termination fees. These fees can vary based on your lease agreement and the terms set by the leasing company. It’s important to review your contract details or consult with us directly to understand the financial implications of returning a leased van early.

Does commercial van leasing include insurance?

Typically, commercial van leasing does not automatically include insurance. The lessee is responsible for arranging comprehensive insurance for the leased van. However, Yorkshire Fleet offers packages such as our JustDrive™ scheme, which includes insurance as part of an all-inclusive leasing arrangement. Check with us to explore options that may include insurance coverage.

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