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Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) Case Study - Yorkshire Fleet

Customer: Private Individual looking to purchase a new car

Requirement(s): He is looking for the most cost effective way to buy a new prestige 4WD

Problem: He has always bought his cars for cash, however he would like to consider finance options this time. He has been in to his local dealership, however he is not satisfied with the discount and finance packages that he has been offered.

Solution: Yorkshire Fleet Management have supplied the customer with a new car using our fleet discount terms on a 3 year Personal Contract Purchase (PCP). They’re only required to pay a minimal deposit. At the end of the 3 year term they can either pay the “balloon” figure (also known as the Guaranteed Future Value) to take full ownership of the car, or they can hand the vehicle back and walk away. If there is any equity in the car at the end of the 3 year term Yorkshire Fleet will be able to use this as a deposit on a replacement car.

Ongoing relationship: The customer enjoys regular contact with Yorkshire Fleet Management and has taken advantage of our Referral scheme on several occasions, having passed our details on to many of his friends, family and colleagues. The customer is reassured to know that they can contact their dedicated account manager at any time. Yorkshire Fleet will also contact them at set points approaching the renewal of each vehicle to arrange a replacement vehicle.


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