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Mercedes-Benz X Class Pickup - Concept Car vs Reality - Yorkshire Fleet

So what is a concept car?

A concept car is a prototype of a pre-production vehicle, built to showcase both the internal & external aesthetics. More recently manufacturers have taken this opportunity to showcase upcoming in-car tech. As you could predict, some of the technology can be a little, let’s say “out there”.

A not so well-known manufacturer Rinspeed released there “Oasis” concept at CES 2017 which features a REAL garden.

Concept Cars - Rinspeed - Oasis - Features an actual garden - Yorkshire FleetOasis Rinspeed Concept Car - Yorkshire Fleet

New car releases are becoming more elaborate with each new model. It’s almost like the manufacturers marketing departments are trying to one-up each other for the most elaborate, or downright wacky spectacle. Take a look at the latest release of the Land Rover Discovery here to see what we mean. The creative geniuses in the JLR marketing department joined forces with the much loved Lego brand, to construct a world-record breaking model of the distinctively British ‘Tower Bridge’. You can read the full article here.

Land Rover Discovery Release - Tower Bridge Word Record Lego Construction - Yorkshire Fleet

However, the more traditional approach to releasing a new concept car is often on the annual global motor shows circuit. Where you can see these pieces of automotive eye-candy under favourable lighting, endlessly twirling round and around on there own revolving podium.

The only problem is the majority of the real-life production vehicles never really stay 100% true to the original concepts.

Expectation vs Reality – More Concept Than Reality – Why?

This is something that is rather frustrating. The glitzy, showbiz promise of a futuristic vehicle with sweeping lines, lots of chrome that sends the public into a frenzy. Only to be presented with a toned down twin, take the Mercedes-Benz X Class for example.

The most obvious factor is the cost. The X Class concept has a distinctive, beautiful front end, reminiscent of a smiling Great White called Bruce. And that’s just a little bit cool.

The Front End of the X Class is reminiscent of the smiling, fish friendly Bruce. The Great White Shark.

However to save costs Mercedes have used the lower front bumper from a Mercedes-Benz GLC with added fog-lights. Whilst using a grille which appears to be repurposed from a ML Sport.

Secondly is safety. Before the vehicles go into full production they go through a set of rigorous Euro NCAP safety tests. The Euro NCAP tests assess a number of areas. After each tests engineers will study the data, and then make alterations to specific parts on the car in order to increase the overall safety of car. This is why concept cars feature metals and harder materials, where-as the finished production model is fitted with soft-touch plastics with a greater flexibility in a crash.

Mercedes-Benz X Class Pickup - Concept Car vs Reality - Yorkshire Fleet

However some do turn out closer…or better.

Ok, so at this point you may be thinking that we’re bashing the manufacturers attempts a little, that’s not the case. This article from Top-Gear highlights 12 concept cars that broke the mould and made into production. We won’t spoil the whole article but one which stands out for us is the Citroen C Sportlounge. Which after 7 years became the Citroen DS5.

In our opinion the long delay delivered us a much more pleasing result than the concept had originally promised (maybe its just the awful yellow paint job).

Take a look at the images below and make up your own mind.

Citroen C Sportlounge Concept Car - Yorkshire Fleet Citroen DS5 - Yorkshire Fleet

Like the look of the DS5? Click here to watch our full independent video review.

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