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Renault is introducing the next-generation Kangoo, which in an all-electric version (Kangoo Z.E.) which has been available in Europe since 2011 and sold roughly 70,000 units. It’s the most popular small electric van and even now – with growing competition – has a market share of about 20% in the commercial EV segment.

The all-new Kangoo will be called the Renault Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric and offered from Spring 2022. There will be two cargo versions (as well as a passenger version).

Renault Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric
Renault Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric
Renault Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric
Renault Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric

EV specs

Renault will equip the van with a 45 kWh battery which will give drivers up to 300 km (186 miles) of range.

Since the battery pack is located under the vehicle floor, there is no compromise on the cargo area capacity.

Also, the electric motor will have higher output (90 kW) than stated initially (75 kW). There will be a total of six drive modes, including three regenerative braking settings.

For charging, Renault envisioned three options – standard 11 kW, three-phase charger or an optional 22 kW version. There is also an optional DC charging option (CCS2 inlet) with a maximum rate of 80 kW. According to Renault, the DC charging will be good enough to replenish 170 km (106 miles) of range (WLPT) in 30 minutes – that’s about 56 percent points of the battery capacity.

Renault Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric
Renault Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric
Renault Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric
Renault Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric


There is a heat pump in the Renault Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric, as well as important winter options like a heated windscreen, front seats, and steering wheel.

“To guarantee the same range in all seasons, the All-New Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric air conditioning system comes fitted with a heat pump. When paired with the 22kW charger, heat is taken from the air around the vehicle to warm the passenger compartment without using an electrical resistor that consumes energy. The heat pump performs best when the ambient temperature is between -15°C and +15°C, a very common range for the cold seasons in most European countries.”

Among the general features, Renault lists:

  • ‘Open Sesame by Renault’ – the market’s widest side opening at 1.45m
  • ‘Easy Inside Rack’ retractable interior gallery
  • ‘Renault Easy Link’ multimedia system with 8-inch display
  • The hands-free key card
  • The automatic parking brake
  • The three front seats with a central folding backrest that turns into a mobile office
  • Almost 60 litres of storage in the cab including the ‘Renault Easy Life’ drawer
  • The latest generation ADAS, including Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go and the Motorway and Trafic Companion that marks the first step toward autonomous driving

Renault Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric connected services, available through Renault smartphone app or Renault Easy Link multimedia system, includes:

  • Schedule battery charging
  • Remotely monitor battery levels
  • Pre-heat/cool the passenger compartment
  • Search for charging stations close to the set itinerary

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