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Royal Mail has announced the introduction of a further 3,000 additional electric vehicles targeting delivery offices in areas focused on ultra-low emission zones and green cities.

It’s a huge increase on its existing fleet and follows the company’s announcement in May of its first delivery office to feature an all-electric fleet of collection and delivery vehicles, based in Bristol. The Collecting, sorting and delivering experts will also introduce charging points to all the delivery offices set to receive the vehicles.

The addition of this latest wave of electric vehicles brings the total amount of electric vehicles operating within Royal Mail’s fleet to around 3,300.

Simon Thompson, CEO of Royal Mail said: “Due to our feet on the street delivery model, we are the clear leader in low emissions per parcel in the UK. Electrification of our vehicle fleet will strengthen our advantage.”

He added the company will be working with vehicle manufacturers and the government to increase supply in order to accelerate the company’s transition to electric vehicles in the UK.


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