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Top 5 Executive Saloon Cars To Lease In 2018 - Yorkshire Fleet

The Top 5 Executive Saloon Cars to Lease in 2018

The executive saloon segment is a highly competitive market and is often dominated by the big 3 German manufacturers, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. However, more manufacturers are stepping up their game to steal a slice of the market. With literally thousands of model variants across multiple brands choosing the right one can be somewhat daunting and time consuming. So we’ve put together our top 5 exec saloons, and the ones we’d choose for 2018 to give you a good starting point.

What Makes A Great Executive Saloon?

The best executive saloon lease has to walk the slimmest of highwire tightropes between two very opposing sentiments. On one hand, the car has to offer a high level of performance, technology and luxury to cater for its demanding audience. Whilst on the other being economically frugal, kind on tax and fuel efficient to keep the equally demanding finance department happy.


5. Jaguar XF

Jaguar has managed to completely transform its brand over the last decade, from tired and boring to innovative and quite frankly, cool. One of the feathers in Jaguars cap, is that it has always been blessed with great looks and a certain eloquently British-charm. The Jaguar XF is no exception. A true testament to how far the brand has come, we’d even go as far as saying it’s slightly “cool”.

The model we’d go for – Jaguar XF DIESEL SALOON 2.0d Portfolio 4 door Manual


4. Audi A6

Audi has always been amongst the mix when it comes to executive saloons. The A6 comes in both Saloon and Avant models, and follows the same design handbook as the incredibly striking A8. For us, this is the best looking car in this competitive segment. Ultra-imposing body features and typical Audi genius with its clever use of tech throughout. To keep the weight to a minimum the engineers pioneered a blend of steel and aluminium hybrid throughout its construction. It also helps that the indicators remind us of KITT from Knight Rider.

The model we’d go for – AUDI A6 Diesel Saloon 2.0 TDI Ultra S Line 4dr S Tronic


3. Mercedes-Benz E Class Saloon

You simply cannot go wrong with an E-Class, as it becomes more refined with every iteration. The interior is the biggest selling point with this nearly perfect saloon. Ample of interior space and with the optional 12.3″ heads up, intelligent display makes it the most tech advanced E-Class ever.

The model we’d go for – Mercedes-Benz E Class E220d Diesel 4Matic AMG Line 4 door 9G-Tronic Automatic


2. Volvo S90 Saloon

Our right-hand man is the Volvo S90, and for those that may have slightly heightened eyebrows at this point just bare with us. The Volvo S90 boasts a 5 star Euro NCap Safety Rating. Volvo really has upped its game with the latest offering. Classy, tailored interiors and highly economical (both mpg wise and £££). A truly viable alternative if you want something a little less “German”.

The model we’d go for – Volvo S90 Saloon 2.0 D4 Diesel Momentum Pro 4 door Geartronic Automatic


1. BMW 5 Series  Saloon

Our CEO of the bunch has been the go-to saloon car for execs for a long-time now. It’s easy to see why, as the BMW 5 Series has never waned in it’s offering. The perfect blend of strikingly beautiful looks and interiors to its easy and comfortable drive. With a lot of inspiration for the interior coming directly from the 7 Series, which is equally as impressive.

The model we’d go for – BMW 5 Series 520d Diesel M Sport 4 door Automatic

Final Thoughts

The executive saloon category often offers best value for money when it comes to leasing. Ordinarily, buying one of these vehicles can put a large dent in your bank balance. However leasing one shouldn’t. As these types of vehicle hold their value well (residual value) this is reflected in the monthly cost to lease the vehicle being much more appealing. If you’re looking to get behind the wheel of a well specced, luxury vehicle for less then leasing is your best bet.

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