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Top 5 UK's Most Haunted Roads - Yorkshire Fleet
October brings change. Falling leaves of deeper Autumn, the cold is starting to bite, and the nights grow darker and longer. A torrid mix of ingredients, culminating with the celebration of Halloween. A night we’re visited by spirits and figures from another realm. Whilst conducting our research for this article, we have come across hundreds of paranormal reports. across the whole of the UK. This Halloween we’re bringing you harrowing drives across the UK. Will you dare to take the dark, haunting drive with us down the Top 5 UK’s Most Haunted Roads?

Top 5 UK’s Most Haunted Roads


5. A9 – Scotland

The A9 is Scotland’s longest road. Stretching 273 miles from south of Dunblane to Scrabster in the far-north. This road is one of the oldest roads in the entirety of Scotland. It was primarily used for military purposes. Commuters along the scenic, yet chilling road reported witnessing lavish coach and horses, with decaying footmen walking alongside. Others have claimed to have seen a griefstricken figure of a Victorian man patrolling the road on horseback. The road is renowned for its high accident rate, and has a notorious reputation. As this BBC Scotland report explains.
A9 Scotland - Top 5 UK's Most Haunted Roads - Yorkshire Fleet

4. Platts Lane, Leigh, Manchester – United Kingdom

This road is south of the A58 and is a short stretch of just over 0.5 miles. Yet, the road runs next to the site of the horriffic “Pretoria Pit Disaster”. A tragic mining accident that claimed the lives of 344 miners. Individuals have seen glowing eyes peering out of the hedges of the roadside. Cases of super-natural miners lumbering along the road with their doomed coal wagons.
Platts Lane, Leigh, Manchester - Top 5 UK's Most Haunted Roads - Yorkshire Fleet

3. B3212 – United Kingdom

The road runs between Postbridge and Two Bridges. It’s set against the bleak, forbodding background of Dartmoor. Reports of celestial activities dates all the way back to 1910. Drivers insisting their vehicle convulsed, as if possesed by a demon of the road. Leading them to crash their vehicle. In 1921 a local medical officer was killed, after he lost control of his motorcycle. Several weeks after, another simillar incident was reported. By which a bus driver had also lost control, passengers were flung from their seats. Then, on 26 August 1921, an army Captain reported that a pair of invisible hands had taken hold of him and forced his motorcycle off the road. Many other cases of mysterious hands appearing and taking control of the vehicle have surfaced over the years. The myth is now known as “Hairy Hands”. What also should be said is that the local council had a report carried out on the road in question. It was found that the cambre of the road could, and most likely be the case of the sudden convulsions of the steering wheel.

B3212 - Top 5 UK's Most Haunted Roads - Yorkshire Fleet

2. A229 – United Kingdom

The A229 is a 30 mile, ancient Roman road. Ivan Margary, the famous British historian, documented it in his works “Roman Roads in Britain”. The 13th of said roads, originally ran from Rochester to Hastings. Which was later extended to Hawkhurst. And the unlucky number 13 isn’t the only thing to give you the chills. A stretch of road known as Blue Bell Hillis haunted by the spirit of a vanishing hitchiker. Believed to be the spirit of a young lady from the area. She passed-away after an horrific accident, on the eve of her wedding. There have been many reports of drivers who have given a lift to a young girl on the hill. Only to later turn around and discover the hitchhiker had vanished in the back of the car.
Extra Scare Factor: GAP insuarance can cover you against unexpected costs if the worst does happen.
A229 - Top 5 UK's Most Haunted Roads - Yorkshire Fleet

1. M6 Motorway – United Kingdom

The M6 motorway is the longest motorway in the United Kingdom. Stretching a monsterous 232.2 miles, from Rugby, England all the way to Gretna, Scotland. This stretch of road is said to be plagued by a cadaverous legion of marching Roman soldiers. Many drivers of this route perport to have seen the fallen soldiers. Dressed in their blood-soaked battle-gear, with cavernous bullet wounds and severed limbs. Marching sorrowfully along the tarmac.
Extra Scare Factor: Many motorists have lost the will to live sitting in long, arduous qeueus along this road. OOOOOOoooooooOOOOOO 13 mile tailbacks from junction 16 to 13a OOOOOOoooooooOOOOOO!
M6 - Top 5 UK's Most Haunted Roads - Yorkshire Fleet
Let us know if you have ever dared to drive any of the Top 5 UK’s Most Haunted Roads? Leave us a comment and let us know if you encountered any of the ghouls.

In conclusion

We can safely say that the roads of the UK, old & new are some of the most haunted in the world. And so are those people who don’t choose Yorkshire Fleet for their next new car or van. Stop having customer experience nightmares, and choose the guardian-angels that are Yorkshire Fleet. The vehicle finance & leasing specialists.
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